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At Farncombe Construction, we are working to reduce our environmental footprint and harmful emissions. The main site is now being fuelled using white HVO fuel, a fuel that is synthesised from 100% renewable raw materials – a move that has much cleaner environmental benefits.

We are also proud to be working towards a brighter future by taking control of our air pollution – ensuring our in-house plant on site is compliant with the latest emissions requirements.

We’re passionate about our environment and will continue to move forward with government guidelines.

We understand that our type of industry has specific impacts on the environment and that is why we pay particular focus to:

  • Awareness of environmental factors for those working for and on behalf of the company. Specific training and information will be administered in order to encourage good environmental practices.
  • The use and re-use of materials in order to minimise and reduce the creation of waste.
  • Where possible, the use of sustainable or recycled materials or products from sustainable sources.
  • The control of emissions, noise, and dust through the use of suppression and management systems.
  • The use of potentially hazardous or harmful products during construction processes and the safe disposal of them.
  • The disposal of waste, hazardous, and potentially toxic materials to avoid environmental harm.
  • The conservation of energy through management and selection of resources, equipment, plant, and transport.
  • The development, monitoring, and investigation of future systems, practices, and procedures in order to ensure that the environment remains a principal consideration.